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Structured Soil

Polli Fertilizantes - Produto Granulado

Polli Special Fertilizers - SE Line.

Polli Fertilizantes Especiais is a fertilizers granulation company with a strict quality control all over its manufacturing process, from raw materials purchase to the final product. We work strictly under the processes and legislation required by regulatory agencies (MAPA). Our industrial complex is modern and counts on high technology equipment, which provides excellent quality in our fertilizers production such as: accuracy in formula concentrations, perfect granule and ideal hardness. It also has a sieving system that prevents our products from the powder produced by the granulation, making easier their application on the field.

  • SE Super substitutes phosphogypsum.
  • SE Power and S5 substitute high calcium soil correctives.
  • SE Mag and SuMag substitute dolomitic correctives.


SE Line - High Technology in SOIL CORRECTION Fertilizers

Eliminates Acidity

Total control over true acidity, increasing pH levels and buffering aluminum and hydrogen;

Highly Soluble

Magnesium helps activating several enzymes and stabilizing ribosomes. It is also a component of chlorophyll pigment.

Bases Balance

Improves the entire fertility structure (V%) in calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, aluminum and hydrogen.

Provides Sulfur

Sulfur is in the form of sulfate, which provides immediate availability and fulfills crops demands for this element.

Soil CTC

Promotes a greater balance of the soils electrochemical structure, enhancing and better using soils fertility.

Easy to Apply

It does not need to be incorporated to the soil.

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