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HPE Line

High Performance Elements

Polli Fertilizantes - HPE

Polli Special Fertilizers - HPE Line.

Scientific studies (Malavolta and Embrapa) showed that our average utilization of fertilizers in fertilization is low, since most of them are acid and saline. When applied to the soil, they acidify it, which causes great losses by leaching, volatilization and adsorption (phosphorus). Thus, it is necessary to increase fertilizers dosage to compensate losses. Having the fertility concept in mind (V%), balance is necessary and, as a consequence, this fertility will be made available (CTC).

  • Recommended for the Active and Potential Acidity Control (aluminum and hydrogen)
  • It can be applied by broadcast seeding, in ruts, before planting, after planting or over ground cover plants.
  • It does not need to be incorporated to the soil.


Provides some Nutritional Essentiality elements such as calcium, magnesium and sulfur.

Ca Calcium

Calcium-nourished plants have their growth points well developed (roots, flowers, fruits and grains).

Mg Magnesium

Magnesium helps activating several enzymes and stabilizing ribosomes. It is also a component of chlorophyll pigment.

S Sulfur

It is part of each living cell, constitutes 21 amino acids that form proteins, and increases water deficiency resistance.

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