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It consists in improving physical and electrochemical characteristics of corrective rocks. How does it happen? By means of equipment, raw materials particles collide, causing nanoexplosions to take place. Thus, such particles concentrate a large amount of energy.

SE Line

Structured Soil

Our objective with this line is to provide some Nutritional Essentiality elements such as calcium, magnesium and sulfur. These elements are essential to plants and must be regularly provided through fertilizing.

HPE Line

High Performance Elements

These fertilizers are formulas calibrated in relation to elements and raw materials, and we can stabilize pH to values close to neutral when dry. Besides providing NPK, our formulas also provide sulfur, calcium and magnesium.


Our ideals as a company, that motivates us to be better each day.

  1. 1 Polli Fertilizantes - Valores Integridade

    Acting in an ethical and honest way, working as a team. Creating an atmosphere of trust and transparency.

  2. 2 Polli Fertilizantes - Valores Excelencia

    Promoting scientific knowledge, focusing on the performance of the company’s product line.

  3. 3 Polli Fertilizantes - Valores Responsabilidade

    Demonstrating commitment, reliability and mastery with our duties.

  4. 4 Polli Fertilizantes - Valores Iniciativa

    Acting in a flexible, close, innovative and open way, with a proactive approach.


A Nutrients Explosion and No More Acid Soil.

Nano Atom is a technology of Polli Fertilizantes Especiais (Polli Special Fertilizers). It enhances the capacity of corrective rocks electrochemical reactions. After applied to the soil, it corrects the acidity in an exponential and fast way, eliminating true acidity, which is our main issue when it comes to limiting fertility and providing it.

Benefits of the Nano Atom Technology

  • Instantaneous pH correction - Aluminum;
  • In-depth soil correction;
  • Smaller dosage;
  • Better application logistics;
  • Correction of hydrogen acidity by means of stoichiometry - true soil acidity,
  • Greater capacity of area contact of the surface.
Benefícios do Nano Atom no Solo


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