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Nourishing for Health

Polli Fertilizantes Especiais is a company operating with focus on the Soil and Plant Fertility System. The “Nourishing for Health” concept motivated Polli FE’s research for the development of Structured Soil Products Technology and H.P.E., which seeks to properly nourish the entire chain: soil, plants, animals and human beings.

An Innovative Company

Scientific studies (Malavolta and Embrapa) showed that our average utilization of fertilizers in fertilization is low, since most of them are acid and saline. When applied to the soil, they acidify it, which causes great losses by leaching, volatilization and adsorption (phosphorus).
Thus, it is necessary to increase fertilizers dosage to compensate losses. Having the fertility concept in mind (V%), balance is necessary and, as a consequence, this fertility will be made available (CTC).

  • NANO ATOM Technology

    It consists in improving physical an electrochemical characteristics of corrective rocks. How does it happen?
    By means of equipment, raw materials particles collide, causing nanoexplosions to take place. Thus, such particles concentrate a large amount of energy. 
    That is how we enhance the capacity of such raw materials electrochemical reactions, which, after applied to the soil, correct the acidity in an exponential and fast way.

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  • Structured Soil Line

    Our objective with this line is to provide some Nutritional Essentiality elements such as calcium, magnesium and sulfur. These elements are essential to plants and must be regularly provided through fertilizing.
    Calcium, together with other elements, is responsible for the structural and biological stability of plants tissue. It regulates the permeability process of cells and tissues and also works as an enzyme activator. Calcium forms pectinates, which are important for maintaining the integrity of the cell wall. (Source: Embrapa)
    Calcium is responsible for cell division in growth points such as roots, pods, grains, spikes, fruits and leaves.

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  • HPE Line

    Polli Special Fertilizers has created the H.P.E. Fertilizers Line. They are formulas calibrated in relation to elements and raw materials and it is possible to stabilize pH to values close to neutral when dry.
    After entering in soil solution, these fertilizers immediately trigger its powerful acidity buffering electrochemical base, which prevents soil acidification and, thus, increases de utilization of fertilizers by up to 95% Besides providing NPK, our formulas also provide sulfur, calcium and magnesium.

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  • Acidity Control and Aluminum

    There are two types of SOIL ACIDITY: the toxicity caused by aluminum – mistakenly called acidity – e the true acidity, which is caused by hydrogen. Both together cause great damage to the soil, limiting fertility and the exchange or availability capacity.

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