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Do you know that even if your soil pH is under control, it can still be acid?

There are two types of SOIL ACIDITY: the toxicity caused by aluminum – mistakenly called acidity – e the true acidity, which is caused by hydrogen. Both together cause great damage to the soil, limiting fertility and the exchange or availability capacity.
Easy control by means of any correction element.
This the true acidity and our great issue concerning limitation of fertilities and capacity of making fertility available. In order to keep acidity under control, some correction elements, stronger and more reactive than the traditional limestones. For this acidity, it is necessary to have an electrochemical control over the soil charges and the correction is made through stoichiometry.


Find out what Nano Atom Technology can do for you soil.

Polli Fertilizantes - Nano Atom Tecnologia

See More Benefits of Nano Atom.

  • Corrects True Hydrogen Acidity by means of stoichiometry
  • Corrects Acidity of Soil Profile from 0 to 50 cm
  • Increases Soil CTC and provides fertility
  • Increases Soil V% and increases fertility
  • High Supply of Calcium in the soil and plant, and enhances bases balance
  • Does Not Need to Be Incorporated to the Soil since it’s highly soluble and reactive
  • Granulated Product, with an easy broadcast application
  • Efficient Application before, during and after planting
  • Low Dosage, 1/5 of the recommended dosage of traditional correction elements
  • Beneficial Microbiology to the Soil, it decreases diseases, bacteriosis and nematodes
  • Provides Nutrients Calcium, Magnesium and Sulfur (sulfate)


Check the Results of the Soil Chemical Analysis that Certifies the Efficiency of Nano Atom Technology

  • Producer: José Tavares Cavalcante
  • Municipality: Ubiratã-PR
  • Total Area: 18,15Ha
  • Dosage: 1.000kg/Ha
Polli Fertilizantes Nano Atom Resultados

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